Teeth Whitening Beckenham, Kent

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If you are looking for professional teeth whitening in Beckenham that offers stunning results at affordable prices, then Orchard House Dental Practice can help.

Teeth whitening is now one of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments and offers instant results that can make a dramatic difference to your smile.

As we age, our teeth naturally discolour through the effects of what we eat, drink and how we generally look after our teeth. Smoking also stains teeth so if you are concern about yellow teeth or brown stains on your teeth, then tooth whitening may be an ideal solution to bring back that nice white smile.

Our teeth whitening solutions

At Orchard House Dental Practice we only offer the very best in both in-surgery whitening and home whitening solutions. Both are affordable treatments and can be combined for even greater and immediate results.

Home bleaching requires an impression to be made so we can create your bespoke whitening trays to wear at home. Our dentists will then show you how to apply the tooth whitening gel and explain how long they should be worn for. Each time you wear your trays, you teeth will gradually whiten until you reach your desired result.

Before any tooth bleaching can be administered, our dentist will need to check the health of your teeth and gums. Tooth whitening is safe providing you use an approved brand recommended by a trained dentist.

Teeth whitening treatment costs

We have made sure our prices are extremely competitive when compared to other dentists in Beckenham and Kent. Please click here for our latest prices.

How to make your teeth whitening appointment

You can find out more about tooth whitening or changing the appearance of your teeth, simply by filling in this form or you can book an appointment online.

If you would prefer to speak to us, please call 020 8777 6115 and we will be happy to help.

To find out more about our Teeth Whitening services or to book an appointment please call 020 8777 6115 or email reception@orchardhousedental.co.uk
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