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Teeth are susceptible to decay if not looked after and can fracture through trauma or natural wear and tear. Dental crowns are usually then recommended by dentists as they are the most suitable option to protect the tooth from further damage. They also help to restore its original shape and function.

A dental crown looks like a tooth-shaped cap that is designed specifically to fit perfectly onto the weakened tooth. Once bonded with a strong adhesive, the dental crown is cleaned and polished to feel and function like a new tooth.

The initial treatment procedure requires an appointment to assess and prepare the affected tooth. Then an impression is made to which is sent to a dental laboratory where skilled technicians handcraft a new crown to the required shape and colouration.

Once the dental crown has been created, it is ready for application and our dentists will invite you back for a second visit to fit and bond the new dental crown perfectly in place.

Dental bridges work in a similar way to dental crowns. They are used to fill a gap between where a tooth has been lost. The adjacent teeth are prepared, an impression is taken and then the new dental bridge is made at the laboratory. When ready, the bridge is placed onto the adjacent teeth filling the gap that becomes virtually unnoticeable.

To find out more about dental crowns and bridges, or how to hide a gap between your teeth, simply fill in the form provided or request an appointment online.

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